RG Spring 2022 Program

Thank you to all our presenters!


    A retired professor from Wesleyan and current-day Shaman, he will speak on ancient practices of Shamanism that provided a working model to organize and manage chaotic and dangerous existence.

    It not only gave humanity the model for all healing modalities, but more importantly, shamanism gave birth to our spiritual life; more critical today than ever before. How is Shamanism relevant in today’s world?

    On a 4-month sabbatical in the jungles of Ecuador and Peru, he was involved in research with local university scientists in Quito, Ecuador’s capital city, testing water for environmental pollutants, researching the chemical properties of a vine growing wild in the eastern rainforests of Ecuador, and more; traveling by canoe on an adventurous 8,000 mile journey.

    It was his sixth trip to Ecuador. A return trip is planned for August 2022.

    He is an infectious disease epidemiologist and pediatrician who serves as the Dean of the Yale School of Public Health.

    His work focuses on diseases of resource-limited settings, including HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections including human papillomavirus, and parasitic diseases.

    He has a special interest in “implementation science” to increase coverage and quality of prevention services, including COVID-19 interventions.

    A practitioner of healing art modalities, she will introduce us to the benefits of Chair Yoga. This will be an audience participation session.

    Craig retired from a long and fruitful journalism career where he worked on a variety of stories including documentaries for PBS. He is a Pulitzer Prize nominee and has written several articles which were featured in the Mensa Bulletin. Craig is a practicing medium and will speak on consciousness and the science of mediumship. If so inclined, may give psychic readings to audience members during his audience interactive presentation.

    Twin Flames are two people who were split into different bodies yet share the same soul. Like soulmates, they are connected on a physical and emotional level, but also on a spiritual plane. In this deep and soulful discussion, Tommy and Kelly Galanis share their story of love and discovering the twin flame within them that has burned brightly for nearly 24 years. Come and learn how their spiritual journey has helped guide them towards a healthy, loving, and positive life, and discover ways you can uncover magic and guidance to take your dreams, goals, and desires to the next level. This candid, honest talk is open to all and is intended to serve as a platform for sharing with all who join in.

    After hours musical performance. An accomplished musician, she will bring her guitars and perform both classical renditions and folk music for possible singalongs — depending on the audience.

    Iris Paper Folding Class

    Iris paper folding is a beautiful way to make custom cards. It is easier than origami,yet makes an intricate looking card. It’s a relaxing hobby that doesn’t take a lot of concentration. This class will give 10-11 people the opportunity to make custom Iris paper folded cards. All supplies are provided. Class will last 1- 1.5 hours. Here is an example of Iris Paper Folding.

Subject to change.

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